The Department of Architecture


The Department of Architecture was established in 2004. Since its establishment, it has been actively exploring professional development paths, continuously strengthening international exchanges and cooperation, and has formed a unique talent training system. In order to comply with the development trend of the construction industry in the era of globalization and artificial intelligence, the Department of Architecture has established the core concept of “internationalization, excellence, and practicality” to cultivate compound professionals with international and sustainable strategic visions and with the innovation capacity, cross-industry integration, and self-improvement.

In the training of talents, featured "individualized cultivation and student-centered pedagogy" are highlighted, undergraduate courses are taught in small groups to cultivate elites. In addition, students can acquire practical experience to the maximum during the school by taking internship practice as a key task to make breakthroughs.

In addition to further studies, most of the graduates entered the planning department and large or medium-sized design institutes to undertake architectural design work. A small number of employees work as technician managers in real estate development companies and construction engineering companies. Except for the option of continuing to study for a bachelor's degree, all junior college students are able to engage in different types of design and technical work in the architectural design industry.



In recent years, the Department of Architecture has introduced a number of teachers with international backgrounds, including foreign professors and overseas returnees. At present, 30% of the teachers have an international education background. Double-qualified teachers account for 45%, and many teachers have obtained the national First-level Registered Architect and First-level Registered Planner qualification certificates. In addition, as the faculty continues to grow, the department has also hired many senior architects and planners with rich engineering practical experience at home and abroad as part-time professors.

Teaching Features

The teaching of the Department of Architecture is guided by  “student-centered and ability-oriented”, and is committed to maximize the potential of students. The department fully pays attention to the students’ development and interest, formulates a teaching plan of “categorized training, individual education”, and cares students’ “learning experience” and personal development. The junior major courses are guided by “inspiring interest, hands-on experiments, consolidating the foundation, forming habits, broadening horizons, and establishing goals”; in addition to enhancing social practice, the courses of middle and senior year focus more on  “capability training and the improvement of intercourse comprehensive capacities”.

Through the “project-based teaching”, students impressively exercise their own research organization, analysis and judgment, problem solving, communication and expression, creative design, teamwork skills, and cultivate independent criticism thinking in the process of “solving practical social issues”. Students bring questions to class, and teachers address these questions and teach methods in class. While focusing on “results”, we pay more attention to “processes”.

According to the characteristics of the continuous refinement and specialization of the architectural design major in the future, the Department of Architecture has updated the teaching concepts in time, and has taken the lead in implementing the teaching model of the “featured "individualized cultivation and student-centered pedagogy" studio under the tutor responsibility system” for the undergraduate majors, that is, in the same professional direction, upper year shares the resource with lower year in the same major led by a mentor. Until now, four formal professional studios (institutes) have been established. The studios fully cooperate with social enterprises and carry out work in a combination of industry, education and research.


At present, the department provides students with professional drawing classrooms, multimedia classrooms, professional drawing assessment rooms, art studios, professional computer rooms, work model exhibition halls, library, architectural model laboratories, woodwork laboratories, masonry and concrete laboratories, BIM laboratory, 3D printing laboratory, building physics laboratory and other laboratories. The corresponding equipment and safety protection facilities in the laboratory are well built in, and the teaching and experiment conditions are superior. In addition, it has signed a “production internship base” with a number of well-known design institutes to form a long-term cooperation mechanism and continue to promote the collaborative education of production, education and research.

Graduates Development

The employment situation of previous graduates is excellent, and the scope of employment includes the first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other areas of architecture design, urban management and other departments. There are also some graduates who chose to continue their studies. In 2020, the admission rate for postgraduate entrance examinations for undergraduates reached 22.85%, and the admission rate for junior college graduates reached 33.35%. In the future, the department will use powerful overseas resources to create more convenience for students to study abroad and provide more support and guidance.

Parts of representative colleges:

Wuhan University, China University of Mining and Technology, China Academy of Art, Dalian University of Technology, and Beijing Jianzhu University

Parts of enterprises:

Qingdao Tengyuan Design Office Co., Ltd.; Qingdao Beiyang Architectural Design Co., Ltd.; Yiyuan County Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau, Zibo City, Shandong Province; Jiaozhou City Planning Technology Service Center, Shandong Province; and UA--Shanghai You An Architectural Design Co., Ltd.