International Center


The Study Abroad Department of the International Center was established in January 2008. The Accounting Programme (China-foreign cooperative educational project) was approved by Shandong Provincial Education Department in 2009 and was incorporated into the national enrollment plan. It has been running steadily over ten years in the past and has been unanimously praised by both students and parents. Adhering to the original intention of “providing a solution for students” and aiming at cultivating students to become those who can shoulder their responsibilities and lead an elegant life, the department integrates the cultivation of bilingual learning ability and the cross-culture education. Among the students who have received their bachelor’s degree in Australia, 70 % of them have obtained or are still studying for their master’s degree. The universities they have been enrolled in include Australian National University, The University of Melbourne, and other world-class universities.



The department has integrated high-qualities resources including both China and foreign teachers as well as student service team. All the IELTS teachers have master's degree and studied abroad experience, and many graduated from Nottingham University, Monash University as well as other famous universities. This strong team are familiar with the life abroad, speak English like natives, and have a deep understanding and profound knowledge of idiomatic English language. They own also have rich IELTS teaching experience and efficient teaching strategies to promote IELTS teaching. At the same time, all teachers have overseas study background and the ability to deliver lectures in bilingual or English only. Over ten years, the department has developed a high-quality and professional teaching team. 

Teaching Features

Combining both Chinese and foreign teaching philosophies and integrating high-quality resources, the department has designed reasonable curriculum that can keep up with the trend of the times. The department has established a professional teaching team including professional leaders, professional instructors, academic mentors and counselors. The department provides IELTS listening, speaking, reading and writing courses, aiming to combine the IELTS courses with real academic learning so as to create a learning environment that leads to high achievement. 

The department provides business studies foundation courses.   These courses are designed based on the international curriculum setup standards and are delivered in bilingual or English only classes, in order to lay a solid foundation for students’ learning abroad preparation and cultivating cross-culture international talent. The department’s cooperative partner, the University of New England, Australia, is regularly sending renowned professors and scholars to our university for academic exchanges, in order to update students on the latest international academic trends. The department also offers featured integrated practical courses to prepare students in psychology, foreign culture, etiquette and learning strategies. Through the joint efforts, the department aims at facilitating students to become high-quality talents with international perspective, excellent leadership, cross-cultural communication skills as well as innovative spirits. 


Students have access to a number of accounting laboratories and training computer rooms equipped with advanced devices. There they can embrace high-tech learning and researching and they can also enjoy the good conditions for teaching and research.

Graduates Development

Most of the graduates are engaged in accounting and financial industry, working in banks, stock exchanges, accounting firms, foreign companies, etc. The learning pathway enables the graduates to obtain various knowledge and experience, which broadens their employment scope and increases their employment and promotion opportunities.
After the completion of two years’ study in China, students can choose to pursue the bachelor’s degree in business in Australia and apply for the master’s degree or PhD in the world’s leading universities such as Australian National University and the University of Melbourne. Students can also choose to gain a bachelor’s degree in China through the junior college to university examination. 

Some of the representative universities where students pursue their further education:

Australian National University, University of Melbourne, Monash  University, University of New South Wales.

Some of the enterprises where students work in after graduation:

Shanghai Lupu Asset Management Company, Beijing Brach; Bank of Communications; Hua Xia Bank; Galaxy securities.