Department of Computer Engineering


Since its establishment in 2004, the Department of Computer Engineering has always been adhering to the talent training concept of " the industry standard is the teaching standard ", and in accordance with the principle of emphasizing skills and strong qualities training applied compound talents with teamwork awareness, independent learning ability, and the courage to challenge and innovate. For years, the department has been actively cooperating with the world's top IT companies to develop courses and putting high-quality course content into daily teaching. We encourage students’ individualized development, be it the setting of  cross-professional content, studio-based teaching, project group practice teaching, etc., amongst these opportunities students can find the learning style that is most suitable for them and lay the foundation for future career development and positioning.

In 2016, the department was among in the first batch of national projects for the “Industry-University Cooperation and Collaborative Education Project” of the Ministry of Education. In addition, the department provides 14 teaching laboratories, 3 national provincial competition laboratories, PearsonVUE test center and NISP certification center, Cisco Network Technology College, UiPath Software Robotics College, Adobe Design College, Oracle Big Data Industry College, Sangfor and a number of outstanding school-enterprise cooperation projects such as the School of Information Industry. In recent years, the department has regularly  organized students to participate in world and national competitions such as World Robotics, Chinese Robotics, Smart Cars, Network Technology Competitions, Network Security Competitions, and Software Design. They have won more than 50 national awards and more than 200 provincial awards. The department has also become a member unit of the National Robot Sports League.



In recent years, the department has established close cooperation  with many domestic and foreign companies, and founded the Cisco Network Technology Institute, Oracle Information Industry Institute, and Shenxin Information Industry Institute. All instructors have practical skills, and the proportion of dual-qualified teachers has reached 80% and above, and more than 50% of teachers with intermediate and senior professional titles accounted for more than 50%. There are many senior certified engineers and corporate prestigious lecturers from Cisco, Huawei, Oracle, Shenxin Companies. The department has been awarded as excellent partner for many times and won the most influential contribution award and other awards.

Teaching Features

Adhering to the talent training concept of "industry standards is teaching standards", and strengthening cooperation and exchanges with leading lenterprises in the industry, the department established the Cisco Network Technology Institute, Oracle Information Industry Institute, Sangfor Information Industry Institute, UiPath Software Robotics Institute, Adobe Design Institute. Through the participation of enterprises, diversified corporate culture and brought the most cutting-edge of technologies  into the daily life and study of students, thereby affecting students' career cognition and goal setting.

All the major courses are conducted in small size classes, discussion-driven. In order to improve students' comprehensive problem-solving ability and participation in various competitions at all levels, the department has established a number of major-related club, including network study club, robotics club, drone clubs, software design and development club, game development club, and digital media design club so as to enrich students’ life  and meet their diverse needs.


In terms of hardware facilities, the department has 14 teaching laboratories, 3 national provincial competition laboratories, PearsonVUE test center and NISP certification center. Among them, there are 5 laboratories for supporting for network engineering research, integrating advanced experimental equipment at home and abroad, realizing an experimental environment combining virtual and real, and comprehensive scene application, which is at the leading level among similar domestic universities; 6 laboratories supporting laboratories for Web of Things research as a teaching service platform for production, learning, and research, it is of great significance to promote the transformation of theoretical knowledge systems into actual engineering projects; at the same time, it also has a digital graphic image experimental area, a digital painting experimental area, a digital image post-production area, and virtual reality. (AR/VR) The digital media technology laboratory of  the 5 experimental equipment areas and the 3D printing equipment area, as well as the big data laboratory for the joint education of the Industrial Academy signed with Oracle. The establishment of professional laboratories plays a very supportive role in cultivating students' innovative thinking, enhancing students' practical operation ability and problem-solving ability.

Graduates Development

According to the national strategic development, more IT talents  is needed for the future national development, innovation and digital transformation. Most of the graduates work in well-known companies or enter top universities to continue their studies. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has reached above 96%, and a large number of students have grown into the backbone of many well-known domestic companies in the industry.

Representative Graduate School List (Part):

Nankai University, Fudan University, China University of Petroleum, Ocean University of China, China Aerospace Ninth Research Institute, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

Graduate Enterprise (Part):

The Science and Technology Information Bureau of the Ministry of Security of the People's Republic of China, Zhihu, Shenxin Technology Co., Ltd., LinkedIn Headquarters, iQiyi, Beijing Qihoo Technology, Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huaxun Network System Co., Ltd., China Electronics Technology Group Corporation 22d Research Institute, China Institute of Radio Wave Propagation.